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Don’t ever rely on free webhosting

First and foremost we should get to know that nothing in this world comes for free. You might have come across lot of advertisements claiming they offer free web hosting. How is it practically possible to offer free web hosting when they actually have to pay for the service which they offer you? No one is running a charity house to offer a free web hosting service. All companies offering so called free web hosting services are compensated by the advertisements.

The companies who offer free web hosting services tend to place advertisements on their customer's websites. These advertisements may be placed at the sides, top or bottom of a web page and completely out of the customer's control. Some companies try to gear ads towards being relevant to the site topic. Unfortunately, this might mean there is a chance your competition may be placed on your website. In addition, these ads can scare off visitors and potential customers - the more advertisements a website displays, the less credibility it holds with visitors.

Because free web hosting packages do not charge website owners any money, the majority of free web hosting providers will provide extremely limited customer support. You might be limited to perhaps some online forum area to ask your questions but you won't have numbers to call, or and email ticket support system. This would also mean that if something happens to your website, the host will probably take no responsibility or urgency in fixing the problem. If your business site isn't working, this can end up costing you a lot of money.

There are tons of limitations to free web hosting. While there are some free web hosting providers that do not require advertisement posting on free web hosting accounts, the majority of them are still unable to provide e-commerce tools and solutions. Most free hosting companies do not offer a control panel or an ftp access account to allow administration of a web site. Your website is simply another template-website and you can't change the look of your website, install a tracking code or upload additional images to your website.

Considering all the above issues, its better to opt for a cheap and best paid hosting rather relying upon an uncertain free hosting service.

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